Mixing craft and folk techniques with the experiences and tools of minimal and conceptual artists endow Sandrine Pelletier’s works with an uncanny quality. Discrepancies, illusionistic effects and trompe l’oeils are frequently to be found in her work.
Her production systems are deeply rooted in the love relationship she maintains with the popular arts, the research she does in arts and crafts and diy practices in general. For 10 years or so, she’s collaborated with designers, magazines and choreographers. She currently works in a studio in Cairo.
Sandrine Pelletier was born in Lausanne in 1976.

" Plunging in the dark and troubled history of Paris in 1871 and the Commune, I was attracted at once by the terrible « Pétroleuses », those revolutionary women who dared uncover their faces to set Paris on fire. Whether admired as brave lionesses or discarded as disgusting dragons, they went as far as pissing in their hands to
conceal the smell of petrol and avoid being arrested; at least that’s how legend has it. More globally in the history of the Commune, the once tragic slogan «Paris for a steak » is now to be interpreted and seasoned in many a way..."

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